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Limited Time Offer! Master Viggle: The Ultimate Free AI Video Generation Tool with Full Control Over Character Poses


In the new era of digital content creation, AI tools have revolutionized video production, bringing unprecedented convenience. Today, we’re introducing a highly promising AI video generation tool—Viggle. This tool is not only completely free but also allows users to fully control character poses, offering limitless possibilities for your video creations. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to using Viggle, helping you get started easily and create stunning video content.

What is Viggle?

Viggle is an advanced AI video generation tool that creates characters with specific actions through text or video input. Whether it’s simple actions or complex 3D states, Viggle can handle it all. Hosted on the Discord platform, users only need to register for a free account to enjoy its powerful features.

Key Features of Viggle

1. Dynamic Video Generation from Images and Videos: Upload a video and a character image, and Viggle will automatically replicate the video’s dynamics onto the character, generating a brand-new video. It can generate simple front-facing actions, simulate 3D states, and even complex actions like body rotations and limb overlaps.

2. Video Generation from Images and Text: Viggle provides various dynamic prompt templates, allowing users to generate new videos with dynamic effects through text and images.

3. Stylized Character Generation: Using the “/stylize” command, users can generate dynamic characters with specific styles.

4. Text Image Generation with Dynamic Characters: With the “/ideate” command, you can create text images featuring dynamic characters.

How to Use Viggle

1. Visit the Viggle Website: First, visit Viggle’s official website at to browse the platform’s tutorial videos and generated works.

2. Join the Discord Channel: Click the Discord link at the top of the page, accept the invitation, and register. If you don’t have a Discord account, you’ll need to provide an email, nickname, username, and password to register.

3. Enter the Viggle Channel: After logging in, enter Viggle’s Discord channel, select your interest categories and region, read and agree to the terms of service to complete registration.

4. Start Generating Videos: On the channel’s homepage, choose the image and video generation feature, upload your video and character image, make necessary adjustments, and confirm to send. If the server is busy, you may need to wait a while.

5. View Your Generated Works: Once complete, you can find and view your creations by entering your username in the search bar.

Why Choose Viggle?

Completely Free: Viggle offers a rich set of features entirely for free, making it suitable for all types of creators.

Powerful Features: Viggle supports various generation methods, greatly enhancing the controllability of character actions in videos.

User-Friendly: Even novice users can generate high-quality video content with simple operations.


Viggle is a powerful AI video generation tool that offers creators unprecedented convenience and creative space. If you’re interested in AI-generated videos, give Viggle a try to unleash your creativity and produce more impressive video content. Additionally, we have created a community for sharing and mutual assistance, where short video creators and text-based media enthusiasts can join us to share information and resources, and grow together!

Visit Viggle now and experience this amazing AI video generation tool!

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