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Introducing Gemma: Google’s New State-of-the-Art Open Models

Google has launched Gemma, a new suite of open models aimed at advancing responsible AI development. Built with the same cutting-edge technology as the Gemini models, Gemma offers a powerful and versatile toolset for developers. Here’s an in-depth look at what Gemma brings to the table:

Key Features of Gemma

Model Weights

Gemma models come in two sizes:

  • 2B
  • 7B

Both sizes are available in pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants, ensuring flexibility for various AI applications.

Gemma Models

Responsible AI Toolkit

Gemma includes a comprehensive toolkit to aid in the creation of safer AI applications. This toolkit is designed to help developers implement best practices for responsible AI use.

Multi-Framework Support

The models support various frameworks including:

  • JAX
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow

This multi-framework compatibility ensures that developers can integrate Gemma into their existing workflows seamlessly.


Gemma models are optimized for performance on:

  • Google Cloud TPUs

This optimization ensures efficient and effective use of computing resources, whether running on local machines or in the cloud.

Accessible Resources

To help developers get started quickly, Google provides various resources such as:

  • Colab Notebooks: Interactive notebooks to experiment with the models.
  • Kaggle Integration: Easy access to Gemma models within the Kaggle platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main sizes of Gemma models available?

Gemma models are available in 2B and 7B sizes, both in pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants.

Which frameworks are supported by Gemma?

Gemma supports JAX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and more, ensuring broad compatibility with existing development workflows.

What optimizations are included in Gemma models?

The models are optimized for NVIDIA GPUs and Google Cloud TPUs, providing efficient performance across different hardware setups.

How can I start using Gemma models?

Google offers resources like Colab notebooks and Kaggle integration to help developers get started with Gemma models quickly and easily.

Where can I find more information about Gemma?

For more details and to start using Gemma, visit Gemma on AI Google.

By offering powerful, lightweight models with robust support and optimization, Gemma represents a significant advancement in AI development. Whether you’re working on a local project or deploying large-scale applications in the cloud, Gemma provides the tools you need to build smarter, safer AI solutions.

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